Wednesday, May 26, 2010

back at it, date night with these guys!!

so, i've been on a little fitness mission you could say.

i just want to take a moment to introduce you to my buddies.
we were pretty tight last summer, i mean we hung out twice a week, then i don't know what happened we just kinda lost touch, but as the rains are easing up and the weather is getting a tad bit warmer, we've started hanging out again.

ok, here's a breakdown of the routine:

walk the complete length once
run the trail down half way (need to take pics of the trail)
walk up again
run the trail down half way
walk up again
and run down the complete length of the trail

that's it for now, baby steps, but i'm totally committed to taking the steps to make this relationship all it can be!

funny you don't realize how much you missed something until you rekindle the flame.

would love to know what everyone else is doing this summer to get in/keep in better shape?!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New Shop Items!

This adorable silver charm necklace is perfect for summer's hottest trend, nautical themed pieces!

Anchors Away Silver Charm Necklace

Turquoise is always a refreshing accessory and these beautiful earrings are no exception to the rule!

...and another nautical bit, this is for all my fellow pirate lovers!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

thing i'm loving right now!

as much as i hate 'em, this blog has my heart, soooo funny!

Unhappy Hipsters


Wednesday, May 12, 2010

on a health conscious note...

still eating clean and working out, drinking a gallon of water a day...i'm about a month and a half into my lean body challenge...wish i was seeing more results (my belly is really fighting this time, uh!) :<
also, i tweaked my knee and had to take it easy for a little over a week, but i'm back!
i'm hitting the gym 4-5 days, and trying to keep it active on the weekend, workout or a bike ride, etc.

my goal was to lose 10lbs by the end of may, i've lost eight so far, 2 more to go! but ideally i would like to lose 6lbs YIKES! i would be over the moon.

on a grander scale, 17 more lbs to's a journey but i'm trying to stay motivated. anyone else on a fitness/health mission??? would love to hear your joys and whoas, so i know i'm not alone...

alright guys, a lil whooped, i'll leave you with a few pics of what dinner has looked like for me lately and a pic of MY DREAM BACK that i came across while surfing for workout tips online...

and last, but most certainly not least, MY DREAM BACK!!! i want it, WANT IT BAD!!!!

new additions to my ETSY!!!

check out my newest bits!

Red Fuzzy Hair Bows

move over GaGa!!!

Miss Muerta Steampunk Cameo Silver Choker

re-awakening my inner goth, she hasn't been around in ages!

and i was SOOO inspired by my last sparkly post that i brought back my gold sequin bow and made a sister bow in black sequins!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

my first KABOODLE style board, YAY!!!!

let me know what you think?! =D

Summer yellow...
Summer yellow... by naughteebits


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