Thursday, September 30, 2010

stepped back for a sec...

hey all,

i took a time out
i was getting way to frustrated with the google/seo debacle/low/nonexistent views, etc. crafting/selling was supposed to be a stress reliever a happy way to earn extra funds while keeping the creative juices flowing...not point of stress, not a new bill, not, well, not not fun.

i've still been creating here and there, but haven't been in full force on the FB page, nor here, sorry to leave you guys hanging (what few there are, lol). so during my time out, i was pursuing other creative avenues, making pretty pictures (a.k.a. revamping my port, haha), strutting my junk down the runway, and trying to get rid of aforementioned 'junk' by working out (till about a month ago). i was shooting like crazy, did a couple of events, shot a couple of things for my reel, and stepped away from etsy, from the forums, from google seo. but, i'm baaaaaacccckk. i've missed it, even with a few sales here and there, i'm ready to dive back in.

i'm currenty working on a custom costume order and will begin work on my halloween costume this weekend! so stoked, even though i'm starting a little bit late (for me).
i just love this time of year!

even though i'm trying to get back in the swing of things, my mind is already racing with holiday planning. such as items to create, packaging ideas, sale themes, etc. but i digress, sorry, my aquarian a.d.d. took over for a sec, hahaha!

what i've been up to etsy-wise
a new item that i added this summer and had been wanting to do for a long while are my Blingy Flops.


i just love 'em, they're absolutely fabulous! they're not just great for summer, weddings, bridesmaid gifts, pool parties or vacations, being on the west coast, i live in these guys, they're my everyday foot wear. i just LOVE that i can dress them up or down! it's nice to go out on the town, but when the heels come off, i still have a comfortable but super stylish and beautiful comfort option for my feet!!!!

i take custom orders, can do any color combo you wish. also, if your preference are havainas, fret not, i can make them with those! personally, they're my fav flip flop, ultra comfortable and super durable.
here are a few pics below, i can't wait to make more, feel free to contact me!!! =p

all the best to everyone, talk soon!


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