Tuesday, October 26, 2010

treasury tuesday 10.26.10

featured treasuries for this week

What happens in Vegas...

this is perfect, as i'll be in vegas in a few weeks!!! =D
i looooooovvvveeee the roulette ring! BIG MONEY!

Gothic Lolita

this lovely llil treasury is slightly victorian with a dash of neo-edwardian, so many yummy items, check it out!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

couple of new blogs i'm loving right now!

heart made bog

Mayi's blog is beautiful, but aside from being pleasing to the eye, it's filled to the brim with helpful tips, and useful advice. if you need help with stepping up your craft selling game this is definitely a blog to add to your list!

just for amusement, i'm in love with...

hipster puppies

and lastly my fav lil guy...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

treasury tuesday 10.19.10

so here are this weeks treasuries, enjoy!

Things that go BuMp in the night!!

For the love of Peacocks

Good Bones!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

been a busy bee this halloween season!

*whew* need a second to catch my breath!

i've gotten a few orders for my peacock showgirl costume! SO happy!
originally i decided to stop taking order on the 11th, but i'm extending orders until  friday, the 15th.
if orders are place by the 15th, they will be received within a week, by saturday the 23rd.

hopefully, i have a chance to start my costume, lol!
then on to ordering supplies, materials and getting started for (hopefully) the holiday rush.

exciting stuff people!

Peacock Showgirl Costume

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

new blog treasury tuesdays & STORQUE feature on ETSY!!!!

i was poking around on craftopolis this weekend and found out i had been in a BUNCH of treasuries that i never even new about, after posting a few on facebook, i thought i would use tuesdays to share treasuries with you guys. so here are a couple that i was lucky enough to be selected for:

Drink up, me hearties, YO HO!

also, i made my 1st treasury this past sunday, sooo proud of myself, lol! here it is, let me know what you guys think!

dress up your death

now for the icing on the cake...i was just browsing around ETSY this morning and came across the latest issue of The Storque (ETSY's blog),  Etsy Halloween 2010: Over the Top,  seen here. So i'm just glancing through looking around at all of the awesome halloween creations and what do you know, about halfway down, below the rocky horror picture show video, there's my Showgirl Burlesque Costume !!!! 
needless to say, i am over the moon!!! i feel so honored to have been noticed, and thought enough of to be included with such awesome creations! take a look!

Friday, October 8, 2010

visit to the getty villa

a couple of weekends ago the boys parents were in town for a wedding, one of our stops on the parental entertainment tour was the getty villa in malibu, J. Paul Getty's home and final resting place. it was a beautiful saturday and perfect weather for a leisurely stroll through the villa. i was more than excited as i have not been since jr high school, the museum closed in the 90's for about ten years to renovate, etc..

needless to say his art collection is BEYOND amazing, seriously there are no words (well at least i don't have them) to describe the broad scale of ancient artifacts (truly ancient, talking year 200-300 B.C., CRAZY!) he collected over the years. it's truly awe inspiring, BUT, yes there's a but, the thing that holds this location as #1 in my heart (compared to it's newer counter part the getty center, are the soothing grounds, with their manicured gardens, detailed sculptures, calming pools, and soothing fountains.
i could spend half a day just strolling around outside.

i've attached pics below...so weird all the sickly insane artwork and jewelry i saw, and all of my images, but one, were taken outdoors.



Friday, October 1, 2010

Holiday Bootcamp - Mission Statement

i've joined the holiday bootcamp on etsy, i'm very excited to start this adventure, and look forward to the weeks to come!

My Plan:
regularly post new items
be more active on facebook fan page, blog, bootcamp forum, etc
identify and stock popular items
introduce new items into my inventory
build my supply inventory
create product at least 2x a week
get new logo/banner
work on improving packaging presentation

that's all i have so far, but this is just the beginning and i think that these are great focus points.


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