Friday, December 31, 2010

makin' bacon love...just random ish!

it's kinda weird because i'm not a HUGE fan of bacon, maybe it's the time of year, but i've been kinda obsessing about things made with it!

take a look at the fun items that i've found! =p


bacon pin!

bacon jam...i have to try to make this! check out the recipe here...

jesus and bacon, aww yea-UH!







Boston Terrier Surfing Bacon Print

boston terriers and art, MY TWO FAV things!!

bacon jam, recipe here!!!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

treasury tuesday 12.28.10

this week's treasuries are romantic AND sparkly, perfect for new years!!!!

for her ... because you love her!

Sparkle & Shine

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

treasury tuesday 12.21.10

this weeks featured etsy sellers...

Champagne Kisses and Fairy Tale Wishes

Free Shipping Brought To You By CCCOE!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

who poop last?!, and the 20-something day countdown!!!

this same sweet lady from my skin post, let's call her "office mommy" had gotten an acai cleanse a couple of weeks ago and never started it. i'm on a lil bit of a mission for new years eve (tone up as much as possible the next 3 weeks) and she decided to give me her cleansing due, WO0T!! so happy! i was kinda nervous, nothing cleansing seems to work for my system, EVER! but i started it and day one nothing, but the morning of day two, i was getting ready for working, moving along as normal when al of a sudden lower abdomen cramps, like doubled over cramps, i tried to continue getting ready but had to eventually stop to take a time out, since then, things have definitely been moving!!! today is day 3 and i think i'm gonna give it a rest as i would like to be able to workout with bubb and enjoy our weekend! i'll be sure to keep you guys updated as to my progress...i'm doing this cleanse in conjunction with clean eating, and finally getting back in the gym.

if you guys watch robot chicken on cartoon network, you're prob familiar with 'who poop last?!!') check out this vid to see what my life on the cleanse has been like...i definitely would NOT win the happy fun time million dollars! =p lol!


Friday, December 17, 2010

UH! my skin =/

the weather's changing and my skin is SO not happy! ='{

i've been using pro activ for a while now,  but as of late, it's just not doing me justice. i'm breaking out and i've got dry skin, WTF?! can it make up it's mind??? i was told about a different skin clearing system a few weeks ago, patricia wexler anti acne/anti aging products which is carried at bath and body works (NOT one of my fav places, swear i'm allergic to all of  their scents). being the inquisitive lil monkey that i am, you know i promptly hopped online to do a lil products research and check out reviews. i love that it works to clear up acne, but also includes anti aging products, cause kitties, it's about that time! =}

the reviews looked good, and as my other stuff was steady failing me, i figured what do i have to lose, next paycheck i'm switching to this, and i just happened to have a -$10 coupon from when i purchased my lip buffer! i was heading out to hit the mail during my lunch break when i realized that i'd forgotten my coupon at home! =/ i quickly headed over to my office mom (who's become a serious buddy in the last few months, luvies) who has a coupon for EVERYTHING! sure enough, don't cha know it, see had one, score! thanked her and i was ready to head off, but as i was turning she asked what i was going there for and i told her the skin stuff she'd told me about! long story short, she talked me out of getting it, and i got an early christmas present. she'd gotten the starter kit for me YAY!!! =D i was going to start it lst night, was too pooped so today starts this regimen. can't wait to see, hopefully it works for me.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

treasury tuesday 12.14.10

as the holidays are rapidly approaching, it's time to start thinking, PARTY TIME!

Dare I Say It? New Years is Just Around the Corner!

and for an ecclectic mash up of tiems, take a look at this one

Mix and Match

Monday, December 13, 2010

friggin OBESSED over right now!

OMG! so i just happened to find out about the vickie secrets sale the other week, buy one bra get one 50% off!!!! flash back during halloween a friend of mine told be about the bra that makes your boob 2x bigger and she said it was friggin awesome, she was picking one up for halloween, blah blah, blah!!! so when i heard about this sale the first thing i wanted to see was this frigging bra, and sure enough as soon as i walked through the store the first thing to kung fu kick me in the face was the "Miraculous      bra"! after touching it i actually thought that this might be to much padding? I KNOW! i NEVER thought i would think something would have too much padding. i'm usually all for fluffing up the girl 110%!!!!!! but just in case i found an alt option and headed off to the  dressing room. let me tell you ladies as soon as i tried it on, WOWZA!!!! until i can get the boobs of my dreams, this will do just fine! (even though papa says it reminds hin of a 50's bullet bra, he couldn't stop playing with it, too funny, like a kitten with a ball of yarn! lol) ;p
these are the options i chose, the lace is so pretty.

red with maching bottoms

and black lace over nude...yes, someone's feeling sexy!! *winks*

don't fret my lovelies if you missed the sale...sssshhhhh, they have another buy 1 bra, get 1 50% off after christmas!!!!! don't say i never gave you nothing, LOL!

japanese 3D nail art! been obssessed for a couple of years, finally taking the plunge and gonna give it a try! i'm SO EXCITED, i'll be sure to post pics!!!! *update they came out lovely*

a lip buffer, so yummy and the results are GREAT! i was first introduced to this lil product on a photoshoot this summer and finally picked some up, LOVE it! soothing mint smell, and yummy exfoliating sugar crystals! it's perfect for winter dry lips. i'm a fan =p

i just love it, and i'm eager to try other products by this brand! any suggestions?

Saturday, December 11, 2010

bright lights, delectable foods, gorgeous spa, and texas hold 'em

again we were in vegas for thanksgiving this year, doing the family timeshare thing.

we had a super comfy suite, looks for a review soon.

here's our view from the room

the awesome buffet at the wynn, our thanksgiving meal of choice, 2 years in a row! seriously, if it's not the best that i've had it's i don't know which buffet is? from turkey, to ham, to wild boar, italian, vietnamese to sushi, they have it all, and it's ALL very well prepared!
the decor is just lovely! found these imgs, since i was too busy getting my grub on to take pics, lol!

fast forward to the day after thanksgiving...after walking bubb, his dad, and brother-in-law to what is now the men's day after thanksgiving tradition of a texas hold 'em tournament at caesar's poker room...

i headed off to the spa at caesar's, qua, for a few hours of relaxation. not a bad deal, eh? bubbies can play his poker, and mammabear gets to relax and be pampered, not bad! i've seriously got one of the good ones, and i AM SO THANKFUL!

on to the spa! waiting room...

after my FABULOUS hot stone massage i hung out for a lil bit in the arctic room...

then promptly made my way to the roman baths to relaaaaaxxxxxx......and wait for bubb to finish his tournament...i could have stayed here ALL DAY!!!

then it was off to the showers...this is the only thing that i thought could have made this experience a bit better, the showers were fab (SERIOUSLY AWESOME) but the shower gel/lotions they offered were definitely lacking in my opinion =/ i know for next time to bring my own...but i feel as though i shouldn't have to.

the dressing room was just lovely!

now, on to a lil food...look for reviews soon on my yelp!

todd english P.U.B. Public Urban Bar  in the crystal city center

braised clams for starters, sorry no pic...

for my lunch i chose the 1/2 pound rotisserie lamb top round carvery selection, with mini kaiser rolls, served with horseradish sour cream and black truffle mayo *DROOL*

bubb had the brown butter lobster rolls and simply fell in love!

and you KNOW i had to try the mac n cheese! it was alright...but their enormous beer selection more than made up for it! we have a new beer, honey brown ale, yum! yum! i also tried the fruit flavored beer flight, not a fan, although one of my favs was in the selection (lineman's framboise), but the others...naaahhhh.
the service was great, super friendly, and the food was def two thumbs up! top notch beer selection to boot! i totally recommend. =D

lemongrass at aria

describe as "a modern interpretation of Thai cuisine", let me tell you, it is sooooo good!

we had the jellyfish, so good, citrusy and spicy! also we had the prawns (no pic)...

for our main dish, we wanted something hearty to hold us down for the long ride home and we both went with the beef pho! pretty darm good (i'm picky with pho). i will say that the slices of beef were good, not the typical thin, all too common cardboard no flavor  pieces. so yummy, wish i had abowl now!

fast friendly service, great interior, and delish food! lemongrass is definitely on my vegas go to list!

it's crazy, cause each time i'm in vegas i begin to love it more and more...we used to go every year for my bday, with the exception of last year (we saw the pee wee herman show (which was friggin FANTASTIC!!!) and stayed  and played local). hopefully we'll be back on schedule in 2011, cause i'm already to longing to go back! i know, greedy, huh? lol ;p

7 Festive Holiday Hair Accessories

came across this cool little article while surfing pretties and baubbles online today...

7 Festive Holiday Hair Accessories

Best Retro Look - feather headbands

Guinea Feather and Swarovski Crystal Fascinator Headband

Best for All Hairstyles -  bejeweled clips

Silver Sparkling Sequin Rhinestone and Bead Hair Clips

Best Price - "Add ruffles and sparkle to your hair without breaking the bank with these fabric clips"

Champagne Satin French Maid Ruffle Headband

Best Wraparound Style - bejeweled head wraps

Gold Sequin Bow Headband

Best Color - Make a bold statement

Hot Pink Peacock Feather and Rhinestone Fascinator Headband

Best for Day and Night - sparkling ponytail holders, YEAH!

Black Chiffon and Rhinestone Ponytail Holder

Best for a Dressy Party - bejeweled bows and other adornments

these festive hair pretties are sure to up your holiday fashion points!


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