Saturday, December 18, 2010

who poop last?!, and the 20-something day countdown!!!

this same sweet lady from my skin post, let's call her "office mommy" had gotten an acai cleanse a couple of weeks ago and never started it. i'm on a lil bit of a mission for new years eve (tone up as much as possible the next 3 weeks) and she decided to give me her cleansing due, WO0T!! so happy! i was kinda nervous, nothing cleansing seems to work for my system, EVER! but i started it and day one nothing, but the morning of day two, i was getting ready for working, moving along as normal when al of a sudden lower abdomen cramps, like doubled over cramps, i tried to continue getting ready but had to eventually stop to take a time out, since then, things have definitely been moving!!! today is day 3 and i think i'm gonna give it a rest as i would like to be able to workout with bubb and enjoy our weekend! i'll be sure to keep you guys updated as to my progress...i'm doing this cleanse in conjunction with clean eating, and finally getting back in the gym.

if you guys watch robot chicken on cartoon network, you're prob familiar with 'who poop last?!!') check out this vid to see what my life on the cleanse has been like...i definitely would NOT win the happy fun time million dollars! =p lol!


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