Saturday, December 11, 2010

bright lights, delectable foods, gorgeous spa, and texas hold 'em

again we were in vegas for thanksgiving this year, doing the family timeshare thing.

we had a super comfy suite, looks for a review soon.

here's our view from the room

the awesome buffet at the wynn, our thanksgiving meal of choice, 2 years in a row! seriously, if it's not the best that i've had it's i don't know which buffet is? from turkey, to ham, to wild boar, italian, vietnamese to sushi, they have it all, and it's ALL very well prepared!
the decor is just lovely! found these imgs, since i was too busy getting my grub on to take pics, lol!

fast forward to the day after thanksgiving...after walking bubb, his dad, and brother-in-law to what is now the men's day after thanksgiving tradition of a texas hold 'em tournament at caesar's poker room...

i headed off to the spa at caesar's, qua, for a few hours of relaxation. not a bad deal, eh? bubbies can play his poker, and mammabear gets to relax and be pampered, not bad! i've seriously got one of the good ones, and i AM SO THANKFUL!

on to the spa! waiting room...

after my FABULOUS hot stone massage i hung out for a lil bit in the arctic room...

then promptly made my way to the roman baths to relaaaaaxxxxxx......and wait for bubb to finish his tournament...i could have stayed here ALL DAY!!!

then it was off to the showers...this is the only thing that i thought could have made this experience a bit better, the showers were fab (SERIOUSLY AWESOME) but the shower gel/lotions they offered were definitely lacking in my opinion =/ i know for next time to bring my own...but i feel as though i shouldn't have to.

the dressing room was just lovely!

now, on to a lil food...look for reviews soon on my yelp!

todd english P.U.B. Public Urban Bar  in the crystal city center

braised clams for starters, sorry no pic...

for my lunch i chose the 1/2 pound rotisserie lamb top round carvery selection, with mini kaiser rolls, served with horseradish sour cream and black truffle mayo *DROOL*

bubb had the brown butter lobster rolls and simply fell in love!

and you KNOW i had to try the mac n cheese! it was alright...but their enormous beer selection more than made up for it! we have a new beer, honey brown ale, yum! yum! i also tried the fruit flavored beer flight, not a fan, although one of my favs was in the selection (lineman's framboise), but the others...naaahhhh.
the service was great, super friendly, and the food was def two thumbs up! top notch beer selection to boot! i totally recommend. =D

lemongrass at aria

describe as "a modern interpretation of Thai cuisine", let me tell you, it is sooooo good!

we had the jellyfish, so good, citrusy and spicy! also we had the prawns (no pic)...

for our main dish, we wanted something hearty to hold us down for the long ride home and we both went with the beef pho! pretty darm good (i'm picky with pho). i will say that the slices of beef were good, not the typical thin, all too common cardboard no flavor  pieces. so yummy, wish i had abowl now!

fast friendly service, great interior, and delish food! lemongrass is definitely on my vegas go to list!

it's crazy, cause each time i'm in vegas i begin to love it more and more...we used to go every year for my bday, with the exception of last year (we saw the pee wee herman show (which was friggin FANTASTIC!!!) and stayed  and played local). hopefully we'll be back on schedule in 2011, cause i'm already to longing to go back! i know, greedy, huh? lol ;p

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