Saturday, December 11, 2010

7 Festive Holiday Hair Accessories

came across this cool little article while surfing pretties and baubbles online today...

7 Festive Holiday Hair Accessories

Best Retro Look - feather headbands

Guinea Feather and Swarovski Crystal Fascinator Headband

Best for All Hairstyles -  bejeweled clips

Silver Sparkling Sequin Rhinestone and Bead Hair Clips

Best Price - "Add ruffles and sparkle to your hair without breaking the bank with these fabric clips"

Champagne Satin French Maid Ruffle Headband

Best Wraparound Style - bejeweled head wraps

Gold Sequin Bow Headband

Best Color - Make a bold statement

Hot Pink Peacock Feather and Rhinestone Fascinator Headband

Best for Day and Night - sparkling ponytail holders, YEAH!

Black Chiffon and Rhinestone Ponytail Holder

Best for a Dressy Party - bejeweled bows and other adornments

these festive hair pretties are sure to up your holiday fashion points!

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