Thursday, February 25, 2010

things i'm loving right now...

maybe it's anticipation of the upcoming spring season,but i've been liking some pretty feminine things as of late, so not my speed, but oh well here goes!

a couple of finds from urban outfitters

vintage locket with dragonfly and pearl charm by Naughee Bits

a few from anthropologie

ghostflower choker

promise next week will be more hardcore!

Monday, February 22, 2010

my FAV painter is participating in a show this weekend!

SO EXCITED! so those of you that know a lil bit about me or have been following this blog know that i'm a Kukula freak!! here is her piece Curiouser and Curiouse: Inspiried by Alice in Wonderland"

also interested to see work by this artist....can't find the name???

i'm in a couple of treasuries!!!

please take a look!

1st LA Street Team Treasury

Black is the new Black

a BIG THANK YOU! to VintiqueLa and estudiomartita! =]

Friday, February 19, 2010

my head band is featured in a blog! NICE!

woke up to this lovely surprise this morning! YAY!
check out The Life of Al blog my Silver Sparkle Headband was featured as one of the Etsy FInds of the Week! Woot!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

things i'm loving this week...


i didn't watch the first season, but honey i am BEYOND hooked this one!
i tune in faithfully to see what madness and beauty is going to unfold week after week!

let me just say that i hope my seamstress skills can one day rival some of these heffas (yes, i said it, HEFFAS!)! they are awesome at creating original looks...and their makeup prowess,  FIERCE!

enough of the blah...blah... let me tell you who my fishnets and feathers are in a bunch for!

☆ RAVEN☆!!!
you go miss thing, she's beautiful!

and my 2nd lil doll is Sonique! mmm-hmmm just lovely

i'm a fan for sure and would LOVE to bounce around the Abbey or Rage with these two!
so keep up the awesome work ladies, and don't forget....


...ooooh giiirrrl!

Friday, February 12, 2010

mourning one of the greats RIP Lee "Alexander" McQueen

bad boy brit, with badass skills and an amazing eye for fashion and creativity!
i was a first post on this blog actually featured a few pairs of his funky futuristic and lobster claw shoes! i'm all for surrealism, the avant garde, and risk-takers, my heart is heavy.

check out a few favs...


Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Long Beach Craft Fair

...was a success. i went as a first time vendor just to  get my feet wet, check out other set ups, and make nice with fellow crafters. all of these goals were attained, as well as I sold quite a few items, i'm so happy. the weather held out, it was actually the prettiest day of the week, and we were done in plenty of time for superbowl a.k.a. "nap time".

i got so many setup ideas! it was also totally cool to be able to faces with shops! i SO can't wait until the next one! woo-hooo!

here's a few pics of my humble set up:

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

first craft show!!!!

whoa! so i've taken the plung and signed up for my first craft show type event!
i'm SOOOOOO beyond nervous...i'm slowly getting things together...only thing is that the forecast is iffy, looks like there's a pretty good chance of rain folk, SUCKS! hopefully it will all work out.

about the event it's a Mini Craft Fair February 7th (SUPER BOWL SUNDAY) at the Long Beach Sunday Market from 9am-2pm. it's their 1st craft fair so hopefully the foodies will show us some love!
you can see more info about the event here CRAFT FAIR FEB. 7



things i'm loving right now...

a few of my fav grammy dresses...

jennifer hudson looks GREAT!

mary j blige


keri hilson

i'm just loving that mermaid dresses are back, such a great nod to vintage style!


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