Wednesday, February 17, 2010

things i'm loving this week...


i didn't watch the first season, but honey i am BEYOND hooked this one!
i tune in faithfully to see what madness and beauty is going to unfold week after week!

let me just say that i hope my seamstress skills can one day rival some of these heffas (yes, i said it, HEFFAS!)! they are awesome at creating original looks...and their makeup prowess,  FIERCE!

enough of the blah...blah... let me tell you who my fishnets and feathers are in a bunch for!

☆ RAVEN☆!!!
you go miss thing, she's beautiful!

and my 2nd lil doll is Sonique! mmm-hmmm just lovely

i'm a fan for sure and would LOVE to bounce around the Abbey or Rage with these two!
so keep up the awesome work ladies, and don't forget....


...ooooh giiirrrl!

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