Monday, February 22, 2010

my FAV painter is participating in a show this weekend!

SO EXCITED! so those of you that know a lil bit about me or have been following this blog know that i'm a Kukula freak!! here is her piece Curiouser and Curiouse: Inspiried by Alice in Wonderland"

also interested to see work by this artist....can't find the name???


  1. Hello! Love that Alice painting! In case you haven't found out yet, the second piece is “Enoki” by Oksana Badrak. I found it on Of course now I've lost the direct link to the actual post, but I did a Google image search on "enoki art" to find it. :)

  2. OMG I WANT THAT ALICE!!!! I'm so glad you turned me on to her :) If you get something you MUST show me. You have such amazing taste! As i tell you often...

  3. do you know if that one is for sale?
    if so can you email me the linky link...

  4. KSK- thank you so much! lol

    Vee- thanks hun! but so do you! ;}
    not sure...

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog on my SITS day!



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