Tuesday, February 2, 2010

first craft show!!!!

whoa! so i've taken the plung and signed up for my first craft show type event!
i'm SOOOOOO beyond nervous...i'm slowly getting things together...only thing is that the forecast is iffy, looks like there's a pretty good chance of rain folk, SUCKS! hopefully it will all work out.

about the event it's a Mini Craft Fair February 7th (SUPER BOWL SUNDAY) at the Long Beach Sunday Market from 9am-2pm. it's their 1st craft fair so hopefully the foodies will show us some love!
you can see more info about the event here CRAFT FAIR FEB. 7




  1. Go Barri!
    I'm excited for you! my aunt has her own soap business, and i'm afraid it seems to rain on her more times than it should...
    makes me think of that song i hate
    "tiny bubbles"
    Let us know how it goes!
    Best wishes!!

  2. Hey Vee! it went SO well! i can't wait until the next one! i have so many setup ideas.... =p



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