Friday, April 29, 2011

the big 4 concert indio, ca! (mosh pit video included)

my oh my!

this past weekend in indio, ca was AMAZING!

if you haven't heard of The Big 4, it was the most metal concert ever featuring, anthrax, megadeath, slayer, and metallica! ALL METAL ALL DAY! and yes, it was AWESOME!

i must say slayer stole the show in my opinion. i went a fan of a few songs, but left TOTALLY smitten with them! =p

metallica was good, very good, but they gave a better show last time i saw them, winter before last. *side note* lars needs to get it together.

and, megadeath, i was so excited for them and it was just alright...*sigh*

super cool badge/ticket and wrist band! 3-d hologram, SWEEEETTT!!!!!!

my new fav hot sauce, colon cleanser!! where can i get this stuff?!?

me in my "i love slayer" (front) "i hate you" (back) tee, a gift from papa, lol!

SLAYER!!!! me waiting on the sidelines a safe distance away, while my other half was in the pit!
he's totally insane!

also, here's a lil 1st hand video from the slayer pit! i don't know how my honey didn't drop the camera!!!! SKILLS PEOPLE! SKILLS!!!!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WHAT THE HECK?! pests already?? HELP!

got some organic anti-fungal spray for the rust on my snapdragons...came home, headed out to the balcony only to find...frickin wild kingdom!!!!

i've been worried that the bees, butterflies, etc won't find my new lil balcony garden. low and behold, during one of my back and forth watering runs to the kitchen i nearly stepped on a lil bumble bee!!

YAY, they FOUND ME! i did something right! 

but, cry, it was dead! ='< i don't know why, i don't have any pesticide sprays or anything (hadn't even used the organic stuff i got).  i have no clue was that means??? it really bummed me out.

now how will the others know where to find us?!

2nd, there was a lil green caterpillar looking thing, not sure if it's a good or a bad one? i got rid of him just in case...but for future reference, does anyone know what this is? is this lil guy responsible for the new holes in my spinach??

3rd, i keep finding these dead lil milipede/worm looking things, what the heck are these? and how do i prevent them?  i know lots of questions, any help is appreciated very much!

want to leave you guys on a happy spring vegetable note! i just staked one of my cukes yesterday and look what i found today, haha! it knows just what to do! =>

Friday, April 22, 2011

small things are happening

so exciting to see the everyday changes. just wanted to leave you guys with a few pics of what's going on...

*side note been under the weather and unfortunately, have out of town plans for this weekend, funny how that always happens ='{
on an the up side, i must admit as much joy as it brings, it will be nice to get a small (forced) break from my newfound garden OCD, yes! *sigh*

but for now, back to the garden...

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

not so alter ego...

spontaneous shoot from a few weekends ago.
helping honey bun test out his new cam.
playing with makeup.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

a lil garden OCD

yep, i'm a wee bit obsessed! everything at the forefront of my thoughts is garden related, and being under the weather unable to workout has not helped to distract me from my green itch =/ so been reading all the blog post possible and joining all the FB pages about gardening, balcony gardening, container gardening, urban gardening, even punk rock gardening!! yes, i know, lol!

well, for the most part my seedlings are doing there thing. i suppose? how do i know? i need a week by week picture guide of what they should look like...tomorrow will be one week since i've planted them and everything is sprouting up except for my spearmint and rosemary, what the heck?! basil - up. supposed to be 7-14 days.check. thyme - up. should be 14 - 21 days, woot! check. dill - up, should be 10-21 days, so yay! spearmint should germinate in 7-14 days and....NADA ={ rosemary germs in 14-21, so, i'm not too worried about that.

on another note, my balcony/garden makeover is coming along...

this is only a week of focus/work, can't wait to see what's to come!
go me!!! =p

Friday, April 8, 2011

that tuber's crazy!

a few weeks ago when the bf was in the kitchen i hear "whoa, what's that?! look at that guy!" when i turned there on top of the microwave was the most PUNK ROCK sweet potato i have ever seen! he was sporting a lil green and purple mohawk of a leaf/root consistency. half paying attention i said, "you can throw it away," even though inside i was a lil curious and embarrassed at the same time. being basically the same being after all these years, he said, "no, it's kinda cool, let's see what happens," and on we went with our night, weekend, following days. time rolled by and another weekend was upon us and we noticed our little guy was still doing well (chilling and growing, but now on top of the counter).

i asked babe if we should move him, thinking maybe he'd benefit from light and should be placed closer to the window. he said, 'no obviously he likes where he is, look at 'em." sure enough lil tuber's mohawk was growing at an alarming rate. i decided to put him on the plant stand near the window anyway. i'm sure you can guess what happened. yep, his lil vine thingies (i now know they are called slips) started reaching for the sunlight! so not only was he punk, but now had a gangsta lean! i LOVE THIS GUY!

i'd been itching to garden and this lil science experiment was just adding fuel to the fire! i decided i need to do some research, and quickly headed for google.

"my sweet potato is growing" enter. 

tons of articles popped up and i was drawn to one i found on 'you grow girl,' a funky gardening blog where the chick had grown her sweet potatoes in a reusable shopping bag! a bag? yes. i guess this is a practice commonly used in england.

to sum it up, you can let the little slips grow to 5-6 inches (my lil guy's longest ones are around 10"!!!), twist them off and plant them, or you can put the sweet potato in a jar of water let it get roots/grow to be a leafy plant and toss that into the ground. i just put him in water today, we'll see what happens. i'm hoping for the best. moral of the story, i'm going to try to grow sweet taters! and this experience, has gotten the ball rolling on my gardening project, which is long overdue! more to come on that later....stay tuned....

my little man =} he wanted to grow so badly, couldn't toss him.

hope he grows into this someday!  a mother can dream...(from You Grow Girl thread,)

Growing Sweet Potatoes in a Bag


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

super feeling the new adele song

rolling in the deep! mmmmmmmm


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