Friday, April 22, 2011

small things are happening

so exciting to see the everyday changes. just wanted to leave you guys with a few pics of what's going on...

*side note been under the weather and unfortunately, have out of town plans for this weekend, funny how that always happens ='{
on an the up side, i must admit as much joy as it brings, it will be nice to get a small (forced) break from my newfound garden OCD, yes! *sigh*

but for now, back to the garden...


  1. Ooh the yellow flowers are beautiful, what are they?

  2. OMG girl! it's freesia!!! who knew?! i swear if you think you like the lotions and soaps w/this smell, you have NO IDEA HOW AMAZING the real flower is!!!!! (at least i didn't) SO amazing! i have a pic of my purple one, but saving it for wordless wednesday, that one is truly stunning!



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