Tuesday, April 26, 2011

WHAT THE HECK?! pests already?? HELP!

got some organic anti-fungal spray for the rust on my snapdragons...came home, headed out to the balcony only to find...frickin wild kingdom!!!!

i've been worried that the bees, butterflies, etc won't find my new lil balcony garden. low and behold, during one of my back and forth watering runs to the kitchen i nearly stepped on a lil bumble bee!!

YAY, they FOUND ME! i did something right! 

but, cry, it was dead! ='< i don't know why, i don't have any pesticide sprays or anything (hadn't even used the organic stuff i got).  i have no clue was that means??? it really bummed me out.

now how will the others know where to find us?!

2nd, there was a lil green caterpillar looking thing, not sure if it's a good or a bad one? i got rid of him just in case...but for future reference, does anyone know what this is? is this lil guy responsible for the new holes in my spinach??

3rd, i keep finding these dead lil milipede/worm looking things, what the heck are these? and how do i prevent them?  i know lots of questions, any help is appreciated very much!

want to leave you guys on a happy spring vegetable note! i just staked one of my cukes yesterday and look what i found today, haha! it knows just what to do! =>

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