Friday, December 17, 2010

UH! my skin =/

the weather's changing and my skin is SO not happy! ='{

i've been using pro activ for a while now,  but as of late, it's just not doing me justice. i'm breaking out and i've got dry skin, WTF?! can it make up it's mind??? i was told about a different skin clearing system a few weeks ago, patricia wexler anti acne/anti aging products which is carried at bath and body works (NOT one of my fav places, swear i'm allergic to all of  their scents). being the inquisitive lil monkey that i am, you know i promptly hopped online to do a lil products research and check out reviews. i love that it works to clear up acne, but also includes anti aging products, cause kitties, it's about that time! =}

the reviews looked good, and as my other stuff was steady failing me, i figured what do i have to lose, next paycheck i'm switching to this, and i just happened to have a -$10 coupon from when i purchased my lip buffer! i was heading out to hit the mail during my lunch break when i realized that i'd forgotten my coupon at home! =/ i quickly headed over to my office mom (who's become a serious buddy in the last few months, luvies) who has a coupon for EVERYTHING! sure enough, don't cha know it, see had one, score! thanked her and i was ready to head off, but as i was turning she asked what i was going there for and i told her the skin stuff she'd told me about! long story short, she talked me out of getting it, and i got an early christmas present. she'd gotten the starter kit for me YAY!!! =D i was going to start it lst night, was too pooped so today starts this regimen. can't wait to see, hopefully it works for me.

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