Monday, December 13, 2010

friggin OBESSED over right now!

OMG! so i just happened to find out about the vickie secrets sale the other week, buy one bra get one 50% off!!!! flash back during halloween a friend of mine told be about the bra that makes your boob 2x bigger and she said it was friggin awesome, she was picking one up for halloween, blah blah, blah!!! so when i heard about this sale the first thing i wanted to see was this frigging bra, and sure enough as soon as i walked through the store the first thing to kung fu kick me in the face was the "Miraculous      bra"! after touching it i actually thought that this might be to much padding? I KNOW! i NEVER thought i would think something would have too much padding. i'm usually all for fluffing up the girl 110%!!!!!! but just in case i found an alt option and headed off to the  dressing room. let me tell you ladies as soon as i tried it on, WOWZA!!!! until i can get the boobs of my dreams, this will do just fine! (even though papa says it reminds hin of a 50's bullet bra, he couldn't stop playing with it, too funny, like a kitten with a ball of yarn! lol) ;p
these are the options i chose, the lace is so pretty.

red with maching bottoms

and black lace over nude...yes, someone's feeling sexy!! *winks*

don't fret my lovelies if you missed the sale...sssshhhhh, they have another buy 1 bra, get 1 50% off after christmas!!!!! don't say i never gave you nothing, LOL!

japanese 3D nail art! been obssessed for a couple of years, finally taking the plunge and gonna give it a try! i'm SO EXCITED, i'll be sure to post pics!!!! *update they came out lovely*

a lip buffer, so yummy and the results are GREAT! i was first introduced to this lil product on a photoshoot this summer and finally picked some up, LOVE it! soothing mint smell, and yummy exfoliating sugar crystals! it's perfect for winter dry lips. i'm a fan =p

i just love it, and i'm eager to try other products by this brand! any suggestions?

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