Friday, October 8, 2010

visit to the getty villa

a couple of weekends ago the boys parents were in town for a wedding, one of our stops on the parental entertainment tour was the getty villa in malibu, J. Paul Getty's home and final resting place. it was a beautiful saturday and perfect weather for a leisurely stroll through the villa. i was more than excited as i have not been since jr high school, the museum closed in the 90's for about ten years to renovate, etc..

needless to say his art collection is BEYOND amazing, seriously there are no words (well at least i don't have them) to describe the broad scale of ancient artifacts (truly ancient, talking year 200-300 B.C., CRAZY!) he collected over the years. it's truly awe inspiring, BUT, yes there's a but, the thing that holds this location as #1 in my heart (compared to it's newer counter part the getty center, are the soothing grounds, with their manicured gardens, detailed sculptures, calming pools, and soothing fountains.
i could spend half a day just strolling around outside.

i've attached pics weird all the sickly insane artwork and jewelry i saw, and all of my images, but one, were taken outdoors.



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