Monday, December 28, 2009

christmas .09

...was all that i could want it to be...sleepy, cozy, and well fed!

gave myself an early christmas gift and had a christmas eve tattoo appt, went home and caught up on some well deserved zzz's! literally we slept the day away =p woke up christmas morning and prepared all of the side dishes, mac and cheese, southern greens, whipped sweet potatoes, all before papa woke up and prepared the rib roast! the meal turned out fantastic and it wasn't nearly as sad as i thought it was going to be that we decided not to do presents this year, and instead take a trip for new years eve....

now the countdown is on and i CAN NOT wait to be in seattle. i've always wanted to go, and even though i don't do good with the cold, i'm beyond excited! i got a nice warm bomber-like jacket and thermals from the army surplus store, a couple of pairs of jeans, and sweats. now all i need is warm socks, and an all-weather boot/shoe =] i should have packed last night but i'll try to make it happen today.

before i go, i updated the shop this morning with a couple of brand spanking new bits...
 new items here, buy 2 or more and get free shipping until the 31st!

...and also below i included a couple of quick snapshots of christmas din-din, enjoy!


  1. I like that new piece :) hope you have a wonderful trip!

  2. thanks hun! i have yet to post it to the shop.
    ...and i'm totally smitten with seattle!



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