Wednesday, November 24, 2010

loving right now...AMA fashions

really feeling the looks below, YES, i'm going through a black phase, sue me! but, by the looks of it, i'm not the only one! *winks* ;p

keri hilson looks great as always, seriously girl has it going on!

kelly osbourne looks lovely, so sophisticated, she's come a LONG WAY! though, i'd like to see something diff done with her hair...

katie perry, sooo pretty in this pale pink, just darling. this is another lady that's come pretty far style-wise. love her cause she'll still rock crazy fashion, but can class it up in a hot second!

and one of my favorite edgy lil misses! pink! looks so purdy! super happy for her and mr. hart!

and, one for the fellas, ryan kwanten...i'm not even familiar with dude, but i'm loving his casual laid back, lil-effort-but-not-too-much getup nice!

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