Friday, June 3, 2011

lemon cucumber confusion?? =s

well when my first cukes (bush) started flowering i went google crazy with searches on self pollinating, how to tell a male from female flower, etc. now that i finally have that down, a day or two before we went away for the long weekend the lemon cucumber starts to bloom! like a bunch!!! great, mommy's gonna be a few hundred miles away from home, and my baby is just starting to go CRAZY!

i did a quick once over (which around here equals 3 long hard questioning glances, lol), but i could not tell the male flowers from the female?! maybe it was just that the males bloom first??? when i came home and took a little time to oggle and molest my darling, you guessed it, i STILL could not tell the difference =/

sooo, let's go to the tape (internet). I found this quick, sweet, and to the point thread over at Marin Homestead on how to tell the difference between a male and female lemon cucumber flower, SCORE!

check it out, pretty much the same as other cukes, female has a fruit at the base of the flower, blah, blah. i'll take another survey tomorrow, but i think it's just male flowers currently in bloom.
we'll see...

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