Tuesday, March 2, 2010

things i'm loving right now...

i promised more of an edge, more "me" per say, and here it is! WOOT!

victorian inspired collars

feather, sequin, and beaded fascinators by Naughtee Bits

lace cami with skull button detail

edgy charm necklaces by Naughtee Bits

waist cinchers


  1. Nice, all of it! I love your necklace, great charm combo! Is the razor blade sterling? Bah, I'll just check your shop. :) I've had my eye on a sterling one for a while for my own jewelry & it's possible I've just been under a rock, but you don't see them everywhere like some things. Point being - awesome taste you've got! :D

  2. u second the awesome taste part..
    but than again we get along soooooo...

  3. i meant I*
    not U...
    agh time for bed.



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