Tuesday, March 16, 2010


...and pissed! is it the no meat for lent, the just starting back to hit the gym hardcore, a little of both?! idk, but i'm hella pissed! i was just making a dent in my workout/fat loss goals and BAM! sinus infection...cancelled event (so sad), no new pieces (luckily i made a few before this hit, been too sick to post pics though), and NO WORKING OUT! arrrgggg, it's been 4 days, this is horrible!
it feels like a sinus infection. i hurt and i'm miserable...

i digress, what i've been up to lately, before this lil setback, i'm 13lbs heavier than i was this time last year, was doing super good got hit by a BAD sinus infection and BAM! outta shape...i'm on a mission to lose, dare i say it? 25lbs! YIKES...but baby steps, we started an office pool, 1 month, whoever loses the most lbs and or bodyfat wins. needless to say prob won't be me since i have to lay low for a sec.

but just a little of what i'm doing, routine wise... the goal is to work out at least 4-5 days a week, i'm doing at least 50 minutes of cardio, and trying for 2 hrs, currently lift weights 2x a week for upper, and 2x a week for lower body, and eat clean. i'd like to drop 20lbs by the end of may and cut my body fat from 26.7 to 19-20% and eventually 15%

the short goal (before i got sick) lose 10lbs and be at 20%bf by april 5th, i'll prob push it back a week now.

i'm also seriously contemplating cutting out my drinking, it's not a lot now, only on weekends and even then it's not a whole lot, usually maybe one day a weekend we'll do it up...not sure if i can cut it completely until end of may (WOULD BE NICE!) but not sure if it's a realistic goal.

things that are helping me along, my fav magazine OXYGEN (don't know what i'd do without it), great inspiration, workout plans, meal plans, etc...and bodybuilding.com, anything you've EVER wanted to know about health, nutrition, fitness, working out, and lifting weights. and the body transformations by some of the members are OUTTA THIS WORLD!

so here we go, wish me luck!!! i'll post pics along the way as well!

here's my inspiration, Melanie Brown, her new physique is to die for! well, to STRIVE for! lol

this is the physique i'm going for, if i can get 65-70% close to thise, AWESOME!    



  1. Barri- i just want you to know i think you're beautiful just how you are hon. It's great that you are striving for a healthy and toned body like that- just want to tell you you're gorgeous now though too :)
    glad you are feeling better sweetie!

  2. aww, thanks sweetheart! i truly appreciate it!

  3. Wowza - Mel B looks like a body builder now! I need to remind myself that it is her job to get in shape so I don't get too jealous :)

    Stopping by to welcome you to SITS!



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