Saturday, January 22, 2011

12 week body transformation challenge

about a week ago i signed up for a 12 week body transformation challenge.
here's the breakdown, LONG story short:

i'm at my heaviest
i feel disgusting
something needs to change
12 weeks
i want to lose fat
i want to build lean muscle
workout mon - fri
recovery and active rest on the weekends
carb cycling
blogging & progress pics to keep me accountable

1 week down, 11 to go! i've lost 2+lbs and 1.9% BF

i'm excited to see where i end up!
anyone else got any serious fitness goal??? please share, i would LOVE to hear!!!


  1. Great start! I've had an ongoing fitness goal since last year. I started in March and was successful at losing around 30 pounds. It took me six months. I struggled in October, then the holidays hit and I failed. I only put on about 3-4 pounds, but it was still discouraging. My last 7 pounds has been the most difficult, but I'm determined to lose it before Summer. I'm counting calories and doing yoga with cardio in between. Wish me luck! Good luck to you,'ve already got a good start and plenty of motivation to keep it going :)

  2. OH MY GOSH 30lbs!!! seriously, you are my hero! i've been trying to lose 20-30 for 2 years now =< that is truly awesome!
    only 7 lbs to go? you totally can do it! that last 10 is usually the hardest, but you've come so far, you just have to! =D

    i'm rooting for you! GOOD LUCK!!!

    thank you for sending some my way, i need it!



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