Wednesday, February 23, 2011

so this is week 6?!

so this is no fun.

no longer am i excited.

my get up and go, jetted days ago...idk.

i'm at the halfway point and trying not to give up (not completely, but i'm hoping to keep my motivation as gun ho as it was, not working)

i started a new workout plan last week, crossfit. love it. but i find that i'm missing the gym, the weights and cardio, and just having some form of routine...

my carb cycling ain't doin jack, thinking about going paleo.

worked out monday, was sick, yesterday, lil bit better today, but not working out so i can kick whatever bug completely.

food is stressing me out. i had chilli cheese fries today, yeah, i know =/

i'm just kinda like whatever. friday will be the start of week 7 , then just 5 measly weeks to go? serious? don't think i'll be able to do enough to actually be in the running for anything, wasn't expecting to win, but not even a mention ='<

my body hurts 

i'm sad

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