Tuesday, February 1, 2011

what i'm ♥'ing right now! calpico, workout OCD, and george foreman! and 1 more thing =p

calpico with white peach! a lil sweet, but soooooo good!♥

"what is calpico?" you say:
CALPICO is a non-carbonated soft drink made from milk and lactobacilli. It has a sweet and tangy taste. It is available in a variety of fruit flavors.

light, sweet and refreshing! kinda yogurt like, but thin like water, so flavorful!

my bodyminder workout & exercise journal!!! ♥♥

omg, seriously, it's sooo BEYOND perfect! i can keep my workouts in detail here on a daily/weekly basis, daily food journal, water consumption, activity outside of the gym, goals, progress, rate workouts, and SO MUCH MORE! it's really helping me stay focused! i LOVE it! thank you Bubb!

♥♥♥ ♥ my george foreman grill!!!!!!♥♥♥♥

i've kinda wanted one/been curious about it for a while, but only off and on.

the other week i was flipping through oxygen (MY FAV) and it was so funny, i'd just been thinking how much i needed a george foreman grill, and there it was gracing the pages like a playboy centerfold of the month! actually, it was a small insert in an side article, but i'd been dreaming about it, and BAM! there it was laid out in all it's shiny steel glory like miss march! haha!

i LOVE to bbq, but i'm scared to light the pit by myself...i don't wanna blow my face off!
being on a serious clean diet (NO fried foods), it'd really help health/goal-wise, etc
to be able to throw all my meats and fish on the grill....so, Bubb got me one (totally read my mind without me mentioning it (funny how our "wonder twin" powers are SUPER DUPER activated sometimes!). LET ME TELL YOU, it's AWESOME! i FRIGGIN LOVE that thing! it's so easy and super quick, not to mention it really does drain all the excess fats/oils from your food! i couldn't be happier!

*one last, but most important thing i'm loving this (and every) week (and more as time goes by), my bubb-bubb! he's so supportive and just an all around awesome guy! seriously i'm so lucky! people say it, about their significant others, but on EVERYTHING, i'm blessed to have him!

(good thing he prob won't see this, cause he's not a fan of mushy-mush, so shhhhhhhh)

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